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Hollicom Digest for 27.06.2017

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Today’s great stories look at insights gained from a quarter century of angel investment, a Scottish inventor who rightly deserves to be acknowledged as the grandfather of the cash point, a drive around Scotland’s own Route 66 (with added gin) and why your analysis of the Peloponnesian War may not be all you think it is. Then Alexa serves a mean cocktail in Cannes.

In case you missed it, here’s the sublime business Archangel Mike Rutterford writing in the Times (£) on the beneficial effects of investing £220million in promising Scottish companies over 25 years


The Herald tracks down the inventor of the cash machine:


And then it takes a drive around the North Coast 500 – Scotland’s answer to Route 66:


FT’s Alphaville flexes its classical prowess and warns lightweights against wearing quotes from Thucydides too lightly


Cannes Lions may be so last week, but Dentsu Aegis and Diageo have teamed up to turn Alexa into a robo bartender, from The Drum


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