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Enjoying those hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer? Here’s some interesting reads before you hit the beach: an exclusive interview with Aberdonian Neil Bruce on why no-one minds when a Canadian company buys British; a contentious take on what the Government can do about miserly public sector austerity pay rises; some unusual venues for a weekend Scottish fling; and more views on newspapers v Google and FaceBook. Oh, and go ahead – have another cup of coffee.

Aberdonian Neil Bruce on why no one batted an eyelid when his friendly Canadian company SNC-Lavalin swallowed one of the UK’s brightest infrastructure giants, in the Times (£)


Here’s something to think about: John Ralfe writing in The Times (£) suggests a modest proposal to ease pressure over public sector pay cap – take it out of the state pension.


Fantasising about your holiday? Scotsman has put together a great listicle on the most unusual Airbnbs in Scotland – think castles and caravans in trees.


More on the wars between the platform giants and publishers: “There’s a distribution system that gets lots of news out to people. But that system doesn’t provide terms that are going to sustain the business.” From Digiday UK.


Ahhhhh – fancy a cuppa joe? Go right ahead…



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