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Here are some of the compelling stories around this week which caught our eye.

To tax or not to tax?

Edinburgh City Council estimates it can raise £29m a year in a tourist tax – but hotel operators are furious. Here’s the Herald’s take:


Trading troubles

Bitcoin is exciting but turns out it can also be addictive. FutureScot reports on a new rehab programme for compulsive traders of cryptocurrency.

Scottish rehab clinic offering treatment for cryptocurrency addiction


Plastic not fantastic

Here’s something to lift your spirits if you are fed up seeing baby seals and deer dying because of the scourge of plastic waste in out oceans. The Daily Business features an initiative in Glasgow where plastic packaging is banned and buyers bring their own bags and bottles.

Store offers products free of plastic packaging


A lot of wind

Want to see something that makes President Donald Trump really angry? Energy Voice has a video of the nine-turbine windfarm off the coast of his golf course in Aberdeenshire.

WATCH: Aberdeen Bay wind farm up close


Channel 4 

The redoubtable Simon Jenkins delivers a master class in contrarian column writing. UK cities like Glasgow and Manchester vying to be the new Channel 4 hub are taking part in “an exercise in provincial humiliation”. Read with smashed avocado and a turmeric latte.

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